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Venue: Kyoto University ShiRan-kaikan Hall 
(ASHBi, Kyoto University)

Shiran-kaikan and ASHBi are located in the campus of Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto University. 
Address: Shiran Kaikan, 11 Yoshidaushinomiyacho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, 606-8303
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Faculty of Medicine Campus,  Kyoto University

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Access Map to Kyoto Univ.

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   Access to Kyoto from Tokyo main airports by Trains/Flight  

  • Tokyo Haneda airport → Itami airport (Osaka) 1 hour  →  Kyoto station by a limousine bus which runs every 20 min and will take 50 min 

  • Tokyo Haneda airport → Shinagawa Station by Metro (17 min) →  Kyoto Station by Shinkansen(*NOZOMI*) which runs every 10 min and takes 2 hours to Kyoto 

  • Tokyo Narita airport → Tokyo Station by Narita express (1 hour) → Kyoto Station by Shinkansen(*NOZOMI*) which runs every 10 min and takes 2 hr 10 min to Kyoto

    Shinkansen booking site:



   Access tips from Tokyo Haneda airports to Osaka Itami airport, and Kyoto station   

At Haneda airport: 
When you finished immigration and baggage claim (You need to take your baggages in Haneda airport  not Itami !  ) and went out the Exit, just go and keep walking to the right. 
Then you can find a domestic flight check-in desk. 
After you hand over the baggages,  take an elevator which is again in the right of the check-in desk and move to the stop for free shuttle bus between terminals. 
If there is no enough time to transit to the domestic flight and there is a long queue, just ask a help to the staffs. They are very kind and will help you.   

The terminal you arrived is Terminal 3(International airport terminal), so you need to move to the domestic terminal (JAL is Terminal 1 and ANA is Terminal 2). 
You need a security check again in the domestic flight terminal and that’s all. 

At the Itami airport, 
You need to buy the bus ticket before. 
And this site will precisely let you know.

You can use the credit card for the ticket vending machine in Itami airport  
or  buy the tickets directly in the ticket office of the airport. 

At the Kyoto Station
If you arrive at Kyoto Station by airport shuttle, you can find a taxi station very easily. 

If you arrive at Kyoto Station by Shinkansen, Please go out the center exit [中央出口] of Shinkansen in Kyoto station→ Walk to the left 20 meters and find an escalator in the right side to go down the stairs → Taxi station is just there. 

Then, take a taxi and show your hotel address.

   Access from Osaka Kansai International Airport to Kyoto Station   

Take a train "HARUKA" at Kansai airport. The final destination of HARUKA is Kyoto station.  

In Kyoto station,  go to Hachijo-guchi (八条口)  for Taxi or metro. 

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